This is MRE - your all-in-one tool to schedule, join, and view meetings taking place around the world!


Set up meetings today, tomorrow, or whenever most conveinent to connect with coworkers, facilitate meetings remotely from anywhere in the world, lead learning sessions to aid in knowledge transfer. The possibilities are limitless!


Participate in meetings from your office, couch, or some remote beach of your choice. As long as you have a wifi connection, you can stay connected with peers, colleagues, and loved ones.


View and possibly join public meetings around you. Learn how to design brilliant UIs from designers in the valley or learn how to basecamp from trekers near the alps. The choice is yours, so take a look!

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To get started with creating a meeting, click 'Schedule meeting' and fill out the related fields.

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To find meetings around you, click 'Find meetings' and type in a keyword related to the meeting!